How Sharing Nature Began

When Joseph Cornell’s first book, Sharing Nature with Children was published in 1979, it was greeted with universal acclaim. Renowned conservationist Sir Peter Scott said, “I found Sharing Nature with Children a most original and imaginative concept in a field which is vital for the welfare of the planet.” J. Baldwin, editor of Whole Earth Review, wrote, “This is absolutely the best awareness-of-nature book I’ve ever seen. Sharing Nature with Children has become justly famous because it works.”

Adults responded as enthusiastically as children, prompting Joseph to write Listening to Nature, a guide for grown-ups to find inner peace and harmony with nature. About this second book, Vance Martin, executive director of World Wilderness Congress, said, “We too seldom take time to appreciate the essence of nature itself—its beauty, wonder, and inspiration. Listening to Nature takes us back to this essence, showing us a pathway to becoming a better person and ultimately a more effective conservationist.”

“When a copy of Sharing Nature with Children landed in our midst, the teacher/ naturalists were like vultures competing for the kill. Most of us were new to environmental education. We had ecology textbooks and field guides, but little else besides what our hearts were guiding us to do. Here in this book, we found everything—philosophy, activities, and ways to lead children to meaningful envi-ronmental education experiences. It was hugely significant to us—it was our guide and our compass.”

—Lucy Gertz, Environmental Educator, New England, USA

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